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We'll drink cheap wine and watch for shooting stars

29 April 1981
What's scary is, when you spend your time going after the things you thought were important, get those things, and then feel a sneaking suspicion you went after the wrong things, and that where the important things are concerned, you're still a total idiot.
80s music, aliens, amazing race, american idol, ancient places, ass grabbing, astrology, avenue q, bbs, bbsing, beating the system, being irrational, being right, car tunes, cats purring, cheap wine, cheesy movies, chewing gum, childhood, chili, christmas, cirque du soleil, closed captioning, coffee, coincidences, collages, creative loafing, cussing, cute baby animals, dane cook, david blaine, days of our lives, dead like me, december, delusions of grandeur, diet vanilla coke, dill pickle chips, doing nothing, dollar stores, dreams, drinking games, foggy mornings, forgiveness, free stuff, freedom, full moons, getting revenge, ghost stories, ghosts, glitter, go bananas, goofing off, green grass, hair, hair dye, hawaii, honolulu, hugs, ikea, insomnia, jammies, l.o.r.d, las vegas, lightning, lights, lipgloss, liquid lunch, little baby kittens, making out, mario party, memories, mini putting, musicals, mute button, my bed, my car, mосква, napping, noodles, o.c, oahu, open bars, orange cats, pals, peach schnapps, phantom of the opera, psychics, pumpkins, rainbows, ranch dressing, random acts of kindness, reading your mind, reality tv, revenge, rocky horror picture show, s@y, samoa, samoan strength, sarah, sarcasm, scandals, secrets, seneca @ york, shooting stars, silence, simplicity, sleeping, sleeping in, snow globes, stars, staying up late, stinkles, stuff, stupid online tests, stupidity, supernintendo chalmers, survivor, tall dark and handsome, tattoos, taurus, telnet, the simpsons, theatre, thrill of the chase, tikis, toe socks, toys, travelling, turning the tables, tv, wasting time, you